In recent years God has given us the following Vision:

To bring Jesus life-transforming love, power, truth and presence to people wherever we live by receiving all we can of Gods love and giving away all we can to other people through living as missional communities and extended families.

To be focused on Jesus – who lives in us by the Holy Spirit. We will share our lives with Him and allow Him to live out His life through us.

To be heart-centred – We recognise God is a heart God. We will allow Him to transform our hearts by discovering and believing what God has done for us through Jesus

Easy and Light – We will help each other to discover and develop our gifts and abilities and use them to release Gods plan for our lives to expand His Kingdom.

Communication – We will use our gifts and resources to communicate the Good News of Gods love to those who do not yet know Jesus through social events, outreach, the internet, music, radio and any other media we can use here in Coventry, the UK and around the world.

Discipleship – We will provide opportunities for people to grow into strong Christians through healthy relationships, events, and involvement in the life of the church.

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