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  1. Chipper Betts – God’s Family

    Chipper is the Message Trust Midlands Leader. He talks about what it means to be God’s family and the ways that Eden and the Message Trust express this in their outreach to young people. the message was given on 30 June 2019. the first 7 minutes include a testimony of healing from cancer by Keith Blackburn

  2. The way ahead – Making disciples

    John revisits our call, commission and vision and shares 4 steps the Lord has given us for the months ahead. Investing in younger leaders, increasing weekly prayer opportunities, growing a missional community and joining 2 weeks of prayer & fasting in July. The recording begins with a reading from Ephesians 2:7-10 from The Passion Translation. This message was given on 2nd June 2019

  3. Creative story-telling for children’s teachers & parents

    This is a talk by Kay and Steve Morgan-Gurr about how to do multi-sensory story-telling with visual aids and props based on their many years experience working with children including those with additional needs. It was recorded in a home with a small group discussion on 14th May 2019

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