Intimacy with God

Isn’t it good to know that Jesus has done everything necessary for us to enjoy an intimate relationship with our Father God? The curtain of separation generic cialis has been ripped in two and we now have access all areas. I really like that in the Bible Paul even points out that the curtain of the temple was ripped from top to bottom, highlighting the fact that it was God himself who didn’t want to waste a minute more time being separated from His people. He didn’t wait for the disciples to get the understanding of what had happened, He went right ahead and ripped the thing in half. That speaks to me about a passionate God who loves His children passionately. Many people are locked into a personal battle believing that the only way to achieve intimacy with God is to work harder, pray more, sacrifice a favourite pastime etc. Whilst some of these things may be stuff that God will eventually want to change in our lives the truth is that there is nothing separating us from a deeper relationship with God except our beliefs. The Bible tells us that God poured out all His anger onto Jesus when He was on the cross. Therefore God is no longer angry with us! Jesus dealt with that. We need to believe that God is for us, and realise that we are levitra online loved cialis free trial by Him. I love it when I hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me. He knows how to get straight to the point and understands the deep issues of our heart. I encourage you to get in a quiet place and ask Him what He wants to say to you. From the beginning of Genesis God has been longing to speak to His cialis vs viagra people. Adam messed it up at the beginning, and then the Israelites led by Moses were afraid to hear Him. God managed to speak through a few individuals throughout the Old Testament, but now Jesus has done everything necessary for us to hear kamagra vs viagra God intimately ourselves. He gives us His purpose and speaks direction into our lives. He alone knows us.

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